Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to our new blog, the mouthpiece of the Gardens & Estates Team at Sissinghurst Castle. We are all new to blogging on the team, and really do hope to be able to share things of interest on a regular basis. For this reason we really do welcome feed back on the posts, and suggestions as to what you would like to read from us.

Helen will be giving updates from the garden. She has been working here as a gardener for nearly two years, and is becoming very familiar with all that goes on. Louise is the our Senior Vegetable Gardener, and has been with us for nearly three years, and Paul is an Assistant Ranger, working on a one year training position.

We have had a season that has tested everyone’s skill, patience and resolve this year, starting out with a drought, and then having the wettest season in living memory. The team have faced great challenges as a result, and have learned many new tricks in dealing with the conditions. 2012 has been interesting, and we hope not to have a repeat of such weather for some time.

We look towards 2013 with great excitement and further challenge. The Head Gardener retires in April, and the team nervously but excitedly look forward to the recruitment of her replacement. Louise has recently stepped in to the role of Senior Vegetable Gardener, and will be converting the plot over to a no-dig system of gardening. Our Senior Propagator post is also moving on, so we will be looking to fill that position, just when the nursery approaches it’s busiest period.

With this in mind we don’t doubt to have lots of interesting things to tell you. We will aim to post at least once per week, and more if we can. I hope you enjoy hearing from us, and thanks for reading.


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