Welcome to the Vegetable Garden

Our new Vegetable Garden Blog


For those of you that don’t know us, and our work at Sissinghurst… allow me to introduce you.

The team here consists of 2 full time gardeners and its us you’ll be hearing from mainly, although I will try to persuade some of our volunteer team to add their thoughts from time to time.



Our volunteer force consists of about 15 volunteers who give up around 4–5hrs a week of their time. Without our volunteers we could not achieve all the good things we do here…
…and what do we do?


We produce seasonal organically-managed fruit and vegetables primarily for our onsite Granary Restaurant, but recently we have started selling our abundance at the NT Shop, our Farmers’ Markets, local farm shop and local restaurant!

This year we decided to try out a different method of growing, which I will go into greater detail about at a later date, called ‘No Dig’. The key to this idea is you never turn or dig the soil, this prevents exposure of weed seedlings to conditions favourable to germination. It is beneficial to the soil structure and on our heavy clay that’s important! Simply put, you add your manure/compost in the autumn and allow the worms to do the work, it’s a little bit of genius!


At the moment, we are all throwing ourselves into Spring: sowing seeds, splitting Rhubarb and still harvesting. Our Tomato seedlings are at the 2 leaf stage and leeks, onions and Broccoli are coming along nicely. We are also looking forward to seeing the doors back open on March 1st, its curiously lonely when you’ve all gone home.

Questions and comments are always welcome, so please feel free to contact us either here, on Twitter (@sissinghurstveg) or follow our Landshare Blog just search for “Sissinghurst castle vegetable garden”.

Happy growing & see you soon!

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