No need to feel down…

The abundance of summer is behind us now, and it’s easy to feel down about the grey weather and lack of flower in the garden. During the summer months there is so much to see and take in: stunning combinations and flowers of all shapes, sizes and shades.
But now is the time to zoom in your eyes and enjoy the beauty which the winter months bring.


Stately seed heads

On a short stroll around the gardens here at Sissinghurst, I found many things of beauty, the sort of things we would not look at twice in the summer or simply things which are seasonal. These included stately seed heads covered in cobwebs, light flooding through the dying ferns, fading blooms of the Nerines and an early morning frost on the hedge. These I managed to photograph but there was so much more.


Dying ferns


Fading nerines

Frosty Hedge

Frosty hedges

Heavenly hips

Heavenly hips

Once you have cast a critical eye over your garden then the time has come to sit in front of the fire with a collection of seed catalogues and plan for next year!

Claire – Gardener

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