Ready and Waiting

At long last the sun is shining and we are merely hours away from opening the garden gates. The last fortnight’s spring weather has allowed us to pull, push, plant, sweep, fork, mulch, mow and edge the garden back into shape, ready for opening.

Tomorrow we will complete our first proper ‘Friday Sweep,’ gathering up all the loose ragged winter ends before the garden gate is once again open to the outside world.

Many hours of preparation have passed in order to achieve this task, not to mention waterproof clothing and the helpful hands of all our garden volunteers.

Without spoiling the anticipation of those of you who will be visiting the garden soon and will see the emerging spring colour for yourselves, I want to talk about mulch.

This is because for the first time ever at Sissinghurst, we have used a brand new product to mulch all the rose garden borders, some areas of the top courtyard and still have enough to spare for necessary top ups during the forthcoming year.

The product is called ‘ProMulch’ and is a natural product made from composted straw, fortified with iron minerals. Once all the border maintenance and composting was finished, an application of about 2 inches deep was given to all the main beds in the rose garden. Quite a change in tack to the routine forking of the flower borders, usually undertaken, but given the high level of rainfall and waterlogging in the garden this winter, this different approach is very well timed.

Next year a different area of the garden may be mulched in this way, with a view to adopt a three year rotation, in conjunction with traditional forking methods. It all depends on how well the plants and shrubs respond to this new material and how well the mulch weathers throughout the year.

Please come and have a look!

Jo ( Gardener)

5 thoughts on “Ready and Waiting

  1. How exciting! Living in the US, I’ve never been able to visit Sissinghurst, although I’ve read quite a bit about the gardens. Thanks for allowing me to tag along on this armchair visit! -Beth


    • Glad you enjoyed reading about our preparations, Beth. We will be writing about the garden every week throughout the summer so hopefully this will give you a taste of what’s going on here at Sissinghurst and may be you will be able to visit us one day. Helen (gardener)


  2. Hi Jo

    A very interesting article, i’m not in until Tuesday but am very much looking forward to welcoming our visitors to our fantastic looking garden, I did have a peep on Tuesday when I was in. My congratulations to all of the garden team for the really hard work that they have put in, especially under such appalling conditions. See you on Tuesday.

    Best wishes

    Eric, PS Your photo’s are nearly as good as mine !!!



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