Behind the scenes.

As it was a glorious sunny October day today, I have taken some more photographs of how our new cutting and trial garden is progressing and what plants we have transplanted for growing on in our biennial borders.

Still in its first year since landscaping began last autumn, there is plenty more work to be done as well as more seedlings to sow, plant out and borders to prepare.

Recently, we have also allowed limited access into this developing area to give a special glimpse of the work in progress as well as behind the scenes views out across into our busy plant nursery and beyond.

So, If you are lucky to visit on a Thursday afternoon, do make time to see this new area. We open the cutting garden between 2pm and 4.30pm. However, at other times you can still enjoy a peak through the gate on the far side of the rose garden.

Growing well in the biennial beds are a selection of wall flowers, verbascums, foxgloves, flowering rocket and sweet williams.

All these were sown earlier in the summer and transplanted out into labelled rows during August to gain time to bulk up before we plant them into the garden.

In the cutting garden, the dahlias are flowering superbly and a selection of plants including Delphiniums and Irises we have begun trialling or wish to conserve are safely in situ.

We hope you will find time to discover this developing part of the garden and gain further insight to the work and preparations which take place behind the garden walls.


4 thoughts on “Behind the scenes.

  1. Wow, this looks great!! I love your regimented rows of Digitalis & the Dahlias look very happy! Well done! I won’t be over for some time but a ‘must’ on my next visit!


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