The best Bluebells

After a long wait the Bluebells are now at their very best at Sissinghurst Castle. Over half of our 150 acre woodlands are packed with a wonderful carpet, and the air filled with that fresh and heady scent. This, combined with the fresh spring leaves of the tree canopy, make for a wonderful walk on the estate.


Bluebells under tall Oaks, in Bull & Birches Wood
Photo; Andy Sargent 2013

Our native English Bluebell, Hyacinthoides non-scripta, is in its element at Sissinghurst, with the perfect habitat and growing conditions. Whilst common in England, it is rare in most of Europe, which are it’s only native lands. In fact, 70% of the worlds population of Bluebells are found on the British Isles, and most of that is in the southern half. If you can make it to us, you may be very lucky and spot and entirely white specimen, which reasearch shows happens with 1 in 10,000 seedlings.


The mixed woods of coppiced broad-leaved trees are home to carpets of Bluebells as far as can be seen.
Photo; Andy Sargent 2013

In addition to the Bluebells there is a beautiful selection of wild flowers to see, including Lady’s Smock, Primroses, Violets, Yellow Archangle, Stichwort, Wood Sorrel and many more. We hope you get a chance to enjoy them.

Matt – Garden & Estate team

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